I am a big believer in prints. This current generation has their photos taken more than any other generation before them. But this is also the generation that has the least number of actual photographs printed of them. Print what you love. Print what you don't want to loose. With that in mind, I love seeing the images I capture for you in the prints you order. But it's also really fun to see images I've created printed in a magazine or on a book cover.

I have been fortunate enough to have some images printed in various magazines and on a book cover. You can see a quick view of all those publications here on this page, or you can see the full magazine pages in This Gallery. (please note this gallery is off site, you'll need to use your browsers BACK button (not the one on my page) to come back to this site). I also have copies of all these magazines in my studio if you'd like to look through them before or after your in studio session.

  • The Sanctuary Vol. 4 (Four page layout with 12 images)
  • Xenon Issue: Cosplay (Two page layout with 3 images)
  • Fisique Fashion Magazine Wild and Free (Two page layout with two images)
    This image was on the cover as well
  • The Sanctuary Vol. 9 (Three page layout with 5 images)
    • Tres Jolie Issue: Cosplay (Four page layout with 7 images)
    • Leonessa Issue: The Great Outdoors (Six page layout with 8 images and a bio on me)
    • iCosplay Issue: #3 (Two images featured on two different pages)
    • Fisique Fashion Magazine Issue: Coming in July (Four images)