Safety First

My job as a professional newborn photographer goes far beyond snapping the shutter. I work one-on-one with each of my clients to deliver images with an artistic style tailored for your family's character. We pick out and plan sets before your little one arrives. And then at the session my focus can be completely on safely creating the images you will treasure.

My assistant and I work with your baby to keep them comfortable and safe. So many of the adorable poses in magazines or on web sites like Pinterest are achieved by combining images. Throughout your whole newborn session my assistant is just an inch or less away from the baby and is removed in the editing process. To insure safety, I will combine images or otherwise remove my assistants hand, or fingers from your final image.

The adorable images are fantastic to have, but nothing is more important to me than your little one's safety while you have trusted them with me. Sometimes babies don't want to go into a pose, sometimes they aren't feeling it. My assistant and I are use to reading those cues and working with your little one to make sure they are comfortable in the poses.

  • In this image we elevated the basket slightly and then my assistant was right next to him while I photographed it. I took my assistant and the box under the basket out of the final image.

  • Newborns are never far off the ground and my assistant is always next to them to assure they are safe if they wiggle. I took my assistant and the safety braces on the moon out of the final image.

  • It is impossible to have a newborn hold their head up completely. So in this image I had to combine images to take my assistants hands out of the image in post. I also changed the colors on the hat per request.

  • My assistant's hands are only off of your newborn for a few seconds while I photograph. And then any parts of my assistant (like her hands in this image) are removed in the final image.

  • Sometimes I cannot safely get the image without the help of my assistant. In this case her finger supported the newborns fragile head and neck and I removed that in the final image.

  • This image of a newborn on a shelf with toys was done completely in post. Sometimes it takes trusting the final vision will be amazing when I photograph you baby safely on a box.

At the end of all this hard work, you are the one who ultimately gets to enjoy the final product. It is up to you to decide how you'd like your baby's first few weeks of life to be documented. Whether you choose to use the images for newborn announcements, home decor, or simply a few prints on your bedside table knowing your baby was comfortable and safe through out the process should be your first priority which choosing how you document this special time. It is my top priority. I believe hiring an experienced professional is the ideal way to get wonderful results, and in the end you will be happy knowing you worked with someone who not only wanted you to have beautiful pictures but wanted your baby to be safe the whole time. I promise!