I like my sessions with models to be fun and full of laughter where we enjoy creating together as much as the finished art. I appreciate your input and your thoughts. When we walk away from the session I want it to feel like it was "ours" not mine, and not yours. I love working with the creative people and with teams of people I can trust. I rarely go into a session with select poses I want, just an overall concept and idea. I trust you to pose how you like and maybe with just a few requests or tweaks on the pose from me as we go along.

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About Me

I'm a happy, relaxed person that truly loves photographing new people and new concepts. I prefer to photograph something with a creative theme instead of simply getting together to shoot something random. I work well when every member of my team brings ideas to the concept. I want everyone to look at the final images and see their ideas comes to life.

When I'm not holding a camera up, I love to watch Super Hero and Disney movies, SciFi TV shows and I play Disney Infinity games on the PS3. I love Batman and Harley Quinn. I photograph for both Phoenix ComiCon and Phoenix Fan Fest as part of the 'ConTog' team. I like to swim which makes Arizona, with the hot weather most of the year, the perfect home for me. I keep up with family and friends via email and Facebook and am always up for a girls night that includes a lot of laughter.